1000 Guineas Betting

1988: Gary Moore of Great Britain speaks to the press after winning the 1000 Guineas Stakes held at Newmarket racecourse in Suffolk, England. Pascal Rondeau/Allsport
The 1000 Guineas for 2008 is due to be run on 4 May at the Newmarket Racecourse.

1000 Guineas Betting Tips

Good 1000 Guineas odds may be tempting, but it’s also a good idea to keep some other factors in mind when placing bets.

Familiarity with the NatWest Rowley Mile course at the Newmarket Racecourse and good performance over short, one-mile races are good things to look for before placing your bets for the 1000 Guineas. Because the race is limited to three-year-old fillies, last year’s winning horses won’t be racing – so it’s to the performance of last year’s two-year-olds in other mile-long races that you need to look.

Favourites in 1000 Guineas betting for 2008 will include horses from trainers and owners who’ve consistently achieved good positions in the race. It’s also wise to look to the top-performing jockeys, who – aside from typically riding for top trainers and owners – give their horses a real advantage. Check details of 1000 Guineas top jockeys and 1000 Guineas top trainers before deciding which horse to back.

1000 Guineas Betting Options

In horse racing betting, you can choose to bet on an outright race winner, or to bet on positions – second, third, and fourth. You can also choose to place a combination bet, in which you wager on a winner and a position.

Bookmakers post 1000 Guineas odds months ahead of the race. Although the odds may be adjusted as the race day approaches, this gives you plenty of time to identify the favourites, track their performance up to the race and adjust your 1000 Guineas betting strategy.